Give Thanks for Storytellers

A Californian in Paris. Give Thanks For Storytellers.

My third Thanksgiving in Paris was hectic. I cooked all day by myself for the first time ever. After 8 hours of shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and setting up the party, I was completely pooped. I could barely enjoy the party with my friends. Nevertheless, we had a great time. We bought a 7kg turkey (15lbs!) and it fed everyone (14 guests). If I am grateful for anything, it is that the turkey turned out so well (and I’m grateful for my friends and family too of course!). For my turkey, I used the NYT recipe here. It is a very excellent recipe.

Today, I wanted to share with you some amazing storytellers. Most are French-based, so you’ll get a lot of the insight into French life that I inspire to write here. Some are friends, some are idols. I hope you visit them and love them just like I do.

1. Lisa Villaume – A blogger friend and former Parisian, Lisa gives savvy tips for the working women. Her posts range from making unforgettable LinkedIn profiles to finding proper but fashionable work attire. Lisa’s advice also touches on the daily changes and difficulties we go through in our lives. A good, warm-hearted read.

2. Rue Rude – One of my recent discoveries in the past few weeks. A fellow American dishes out what life is like among Parisians. A funny, insightful, and very informative take on French culture. Good if you wanna learn about French life and are planning to stay in France a while.

3. Tongue in Cheek – Another Californian living in France, Corey is married to a Frenchman and has two lovely children. She frequents brochants (flea markets) and is always sharing the treasures she finds of a long ago France. Must read.

4. Elena’s Travelgram – A travel blogger from Ukraine who now lives in France. Elena has great insight into French daily life and how to enter French society as an expat. She also has amazing travel guides for other places in Europe. A good blog for fellow travelers and potential expats in France.

5. David Lebovitz – My absolute favorite blog! I am always telling Petit Copain about David Lebovitz this and David Lebovitz that. His recipes are amazing and his writing is always enjoyable. I’m a huge fan. David also frequents the Bastille market that I go to. You. Must. Read. Now.

6. Pret-a-Voyager – Anne is also an American expat in Paris. She used to work for Design Sponge and now has her own design blog. A very amazing blogger with lots of advice about living in France as well as how to do freelance design abroad. She doesn’t update as much as she used to, but I still love her. Totally recommended!

7. Manger – The one and only Mimi Thorisson. My friends often joke about how her life is so perfect, she must not be real. I believe in you, Mimi. Her life is a food fairytale and her family is absolutely beautiful. Mimi lives in the amazing region of Médoc, in the west of France. If you don’t know her now, you must visit her blog immediately!

8. Tous Les Jours Dimanche – This amazing French Blogger will make you want to move to the French countryside and raise a big family. The pictures are incredible, painting a very intimate portrait of French family life. The blog is in French but even if you can’t read French, the pictures are more than enough to enjoy this blog. Amazing!

9. De Quelle Planete Es-Tu? – Meg is an American photographer who captures life between Paris and her home in Denver. Every post contains beautiful photographs from her travels. You can spend hours imagining life through her eyes. A highly recommended read.

10. Lost in Cheeseland – A highly informative blog, Lost in Cheeseland gives you what’s up to date in Cheeseland aka Paris. Lindsey will tell you where you need to go for the latest and greatest meal or cocktail. She also has much needed advice for those daring to move to France. A great resource.

Until next time! À bientôt!


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