As the lights of the Eiffel Tower Dim…


Today is one of the saddest days I’ve ever experienced in Paris. Last night, 128 men and women were brutally murdered in one of the worst attacks Paris has ever seen since WWII. 300 others are injured and 80 of them are in critical condition.

Many of the incidents occurred just 5 minutes away from our apartment. All night we heard ambulances rushing to rescue those who had fallen. Luckily, none of our friends were killed but we heard about friends of friends who died. Today has been the most quiet day I’ve ever experienced here, more quiet than the Charlie Hebdo shooting– another deep wound we bear. We are still unsure whether or not the city is safe and secure. We are damaged, traumatized, but we resist being afraid.

This is a time for mourning. Not for hatred. I’ve seen so many terrible words circulating the internet since the incidents of last night. We don’t need them. We need words of comfort, hope, love. We need words asking for change. We need people to think of the other tragedies happening around the world. Those who don’t get any spotlight in the news. Beirut. Syria. Palestine. India. Innocent people are dying everyday and it must stop. We don’t need another war. If you want to help us Parisians, then spread the word of love and compassion. Tell your family and friends you love them. Do anything but sink into the same hatred that killed our people last night.




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